Training Events

All my training packages will be tailored to suit the individual organizations I work with and will typically involve several sessions on different themes.

Regarding comics, graphic novels and manga, I can talk about the range of stock on offer in the medium, exploring, for instance, how it encompasses work written for both adults and children. Focusing entirely on one kind of comic is also possible, as is focusing on a theme, such as mental health and comics or LGBTQ representations in comics.

I may also, as requested, incorporate sessions in which:

Regarding picture books, I can talk about how these texts may support and develop empathy and mental health, but also think about issues similar to those regarding comics about suitability for stock etc.

These training events typically take a half or whole day, depending on the brief. My basic needs for equipment are enough tables behind me when I stand and speak to allow all the books I bring to be spread out and a flip chart and pens.

I like to know what stock the library or other organisation can have there on the day, just to help me choose a collection to bring that complements what already exists.

If I can have access to the internet and a large screen, then great, but I can design sessions that work when that is not possible.

As these events largely involve small group work, flexible seating is needed.