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A PST OFF game developed by Caffeine Insomnia

(Humanities student, Version 1:1, Millenium Edition)

Cheats, Hints and Tips (Walkthrough in Development)

Notes: You should find that you have a trouble-free experience with this PST OFF game and that all these cheats and tips are redundant. If so, bravo! This game should, after all, be a positive experience in which you stretch yourself considerably, test your limits and develop new skills. It may be a game you have engaged with for the sheer joy of it, or because it will be professionally useful, but in either case, it will be a life-changing experience. It should not be an obstacle race, or bring out your more violent side (although this can be fun, see Level 7). Whether the game shows signs of being a positive, or negative, experience please read on, as you may find the following helpful.

Feel free to ignore or disbelieve anything in Tome ReaderTM. All Ph.D. experiences are different, and Tome ReaderTM cannot encompass them all. Most of the following should not occur (although everything included has happened to - or been contemplated by, in the case of violence - at least one person). Tome ReaderTM is based on a number of true stories gathered from around Britain and so there are many variables, according to which University you played Tome ReaderTM in. I've tried to avoid using titles for forms and boards, for instance, for just this reason, and focused primarily on the thesis, key professional relationships, and the emotional impact of playing.

How you feel about Tome Reader will change as you move through the levels. As you look back at levels you have completed you will find that things that seemed awful before now seem amusing (although some of it will amuse you the first time around as well).

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