Comic, Graphic Novel and Manga Resources

Inevitably, this is just a very small selection of what is available. I've included sites that tie in with the questions I most often get asked.

Reviews - covering all comics

Reviews and news - dedicated to manga and anime

Specialist Shops in the UK

The Comic Book Alliance offers a list of retailers. In addition, the sites mentioned below - some of which offer review information via newsletter etc - have been recommended by various librarians.

Publishers and Suppliers in the UK

Resources Specifically for Librarians

Free Comic Book Day

This American originated event offers a good opportunity to link up with local comic shops. There is a website at that lists some of the shops involved. There is still a small cost per comic to the library service.

Angela Robinson (above) suggests approaching local specialist stores and offering to promote them in libraries in turn for their participation. She also suggests that directing queries to the UK discussion list above about how to run a related event.

Workshops, Comic Maker Tools and Book Groups

UK Creator Websites

Events and Exhibitions

Teaching and Championing Comics

Japanese Culture. Anime and more

BD: Bandes Dessinées

Small Press Comics


Art sites

Many manga fans and professionals put their very varied work up for comment on the following sites. These sites often cover work across a range of media, including poetry and animation, as well as illustration. They also include work by and for adults as well as that made by and aimed at younger people.

Fan Fiction

Art lessons - Manga

General Sites

Women and Comics

Academic Sites

See the annotated bibliography of comics scholarship on the net elsewhere on this site.