Girl's Own Story

This is, I will confess, a very biased bibliography, in that many of the following were helpful comics references when I wrote my PhD. I include popular titles, fiction and press articles alongside works seen as more scholarly.

In addition, the list includes work that inspired me and helped me think through issues and ideas in my articles, chapters and other materials. This is not the exhaustive list of materials I have used, but does cover most of the ones that mention comics (no matter how briefly).

However, it also includes some titles that don't, or only barely, mention comics. Sometimes the omission of comics from a text about culture is as important as their inclusion (see Williams and Hoggart).

You will also find some material that doesn't seem to fit, in that it doesn't use the term 'comic'. This is primarily because, in writing about girls' comics in Britain, I sometimes find them referred to as magazines, rather than comics, even when the majority of the material is in comic-strip form.

Further, some of this material has helped me to reflect on ways of looking at and understanding visual texts and their audiences in a general way, rather than being about comics.

This is, then, not a complete list of what is available, just 'stuff' that has been useful to me on my journey.